Contemporary and Critical Perspectives in Psychedelic Psychotherapy 

Seeing Clearly Council is an invitation-based seminar, gathering together a diverse group of psychedelic psychotherapy practitioners with divergent areas of expertise. The intention is to further develop and challenge the discourse surrounding psychedelic psychotherapy, facilitating conversation amongst the attendees around advancements in theoretical understanding as well as socially just practices. 

This annual event will bring together a group of 60 psychedelic psychotherapy practitioners to discuss issues that are central to our field. Between enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and healing waters of Wilbur hot springs, participants will take part in keynote presentations, panel discussions, breakout groups, and moderated conversations focused on the following topics:

  • further development of approaches to psychedelic  psychotherapy process
  • transference and countertransference dynamics
  • accessibility, diversity, and socially just practices 
  • skillful application of indigenous, spiritual, and ritual elements without perpetuating cultural appropriation
  • working with severe psychopathology and complex forms of trauma
  • methods of facilitating psychological integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness 



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